Try These Delicious Yoghurt Breakfast Recipes

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Servings: 2 + Time: less then 15mins
Peanut Butter Bomb
10 ml PnP Smooth Peanut Butter
1q PnP Banana, Sliced
180 ml NutriDay smooth vanilla Yogurt
10 ml Granola
1 Handful PnP Toasted Almonds
1 Dash PnP Cinnamon, for dusting
Method: Layer peanut butter, banana, yoghurt, and granola. Serve topped almonds cinnamon.
 Olas Market - RECIPE - Breakfast Yoghurt Pots
Choc Strawberry Pot
125ml PnP Rolled Oats
180 ml NutriDay Smooth Vanilla Yoghurt
1 Handful Berries, sliced
1 Handful Dark Chocolate Bits
Method: Layer oats, yoghurt, and berries. Serve topped with dark chocolate bits.


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Disclaimer: Our recipes are identified as being FREE of the following allergens: wheat, gluten, dairy, eggs, soy, nuts, fish and shellfish by way of indication only and based on the ingredients used in the recipes when prepared in the Pick n Pay kitchen at a particular point in time and thus the presence of any allergens in any recipe prepared by you, the customer, depends on the specific ingredients used.

If you are concerned about allergens then carefully check the labels of the ingredients you use to prepare any recipe as Ola’s Market and by extension, Pick n Pay, will not be responsible for any allergens present in recipes for any reason whatsoever.

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