Kind Gesture Brings Tears of Joy


Today, something very special happened. Something so special, we just couldn’t wait to share the whole story with you and neither could we wait to commend this kind person for such an awesomely great gesture. Now, it’s not to say that such events have never (ever) happened at our store before, but in all honesty, it is a first on this level, and hopefully it’s not the last.


What had started off as a regular day for our staff, here at Ola’s Market (as they were busy going about their business and attending to their respective duties) turned out to be an extraordinary day for an unsuspecting staff member and by extension, the entire Ola’s Market team on the premises.


See, it all began when one of our valued regular customers, Mr John Phiri, walked in to one of our departments, Ola’s Shisanyama. As always (as it is with all of you, of course) it was a great pleasure to see him. We greeted him and tried to serve him, but he was not looking to make any kind of purchase here at all. What he was here to do was totally unexpected and, if you ask us, we’re still very much in awe.


Long story short: He was here to meet with one of our staff members, Ms Mimi Kubheka . They both stepped outside to talk for a little bit, and that’s when he out pulled a white plastic bag and said “I have been shopping here for a little over 2 years now, and not once have I received such high quality service as the one that I’ve been receiving at your deli department. Because of this, I’m deeply grateful and I would really appreciate it if you accepted this gift as a token of my appreciation”. Mimi then looked inside the white plastic bag, and what she found were 2 pairs of school shoes that Mr Phiri had bought for her twin girls.



Now, if you’re reading this right now, Mr John Phiri, we (here at Ola’s Market) would love to thank you once again for this awesomely great gesture. Although we did express our gratitude to you earlier today, we’re still humbled by this gift. Words cannot express our thankfulness. You make us different.

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